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Generational Intimate Wash

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Directions for Use - Start off with two pumps, a little goes a long way. 


 Chamomile Tea, Rose Water, Calendula Extract (Derived from Marigold Flower), Germall Plus, Cocamidoprpyl Betaine (Derived from Coconut Oil), Capryl Glucoside (Derived from Corn), Apples, Cationic Guar Gum (Derived from Guar Beans), Glycerin, Glucose D (Derived from Sugar, Water, Plants)

Our vaginal washes are made in small batches.



Customer Reviews

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Rebel Ase

This wash makes Your ENTIRE body feel like silk. This isn’t just for women either, EVERYONE grab this wash!! Email Me personally when Y’all upgrade the sizes becauseeeee WE NEED SUM MO🗣️🔊🙌🏽✨🥰 PS 🫣 🤫 I need sum mo ObearyMarié too OMG Yalllll!! Jus catch em all like Pokémon bc EVERYTHANG 🔥 & Made with love via The Soul & Spirit 🙌🏽✨🫶🏽

Toya p
Love it

This wash is amazing it keeps you fresh all day with no worries .. I love it & if you haven’t tried or bought it yet you should … it’s great 😊

Imani James
Vagina crack!!!

Listen, there’s no other soap you can use that amounts to the value this wash brings. I purchased 1 bottle of this in October.. oh my, needless to say I ran out and was so hurt.!! Fast forward to November I purchased 3 with my 2nd order so now I don’t have to worry about running out!!!PLEASE PURCHASE!!!!


The product isn't the problem. The top is to big for bottle. I can't pump, I have to pour. Other than that it is real good.

Tangie Jackson

I just made my 2nd purchase on this wash and it's amazing. U literally only need 1 to 2 pumps and it's enough. Smells awesome and leaves u refreshed.

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